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Former Post-Doctoral Fellows

Beverly Adams, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. Now at the University of Virginia.

Jeannette Altarriba, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. Now at SUNY Albany.

David Balota, Ph.D., University of South Carolina. Now at Washington University.

Katherine Binder, Ph.D., University of South Carolina. Now at Mount Holyoke College.

Stacy Birch, Ph.D., University of Illinois. Now at SUNY Brockport.

Harry Blanchard, Ph.D., University of Illinois. Now at Bell Laboratories.

Mara Breen, Ph.D., MIT.  Now at Mount Holyoke College.

Caroline Carrithers, Ph.D., Columbia University. Now at Rutgers University.

Monica Castelhano, Ph.D. Michigan State University. Now at Queens University.

Kiel Christianson, Ph.D. Michigan State University. Now at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Matthew Collins, Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University.

Anne Cook, Ph.D., University of New Hampshire. Now at University of Utah.

Avital Deutsch, Ph.D., Hebrew University. Now at Hebrew University.

Steven Dopkins, Ph.D., Columbia University. Now at George Washington University.

Denis Drieghe, Ph.D., University of Ghent.  Now at University of Southampton.

Susan Duffy, Ph.D., University of Michigan.

Robert Dufour, Ph.D., University of Illinois. Now at Swarthmore College.

Kate Ehrlich, Ph.D., University of Sussex, England. Now at Honeywell.

Steven Frisson, Ph.D., University of Antwerp. Now at New York University.

Harold Greene, Ph.D., University of Georgia. Now at University of Detroit Mercy.

Debra Jared, Ph.D., McGill University. Now at the University of Western Ontario.

R. Brooke Lea, Ph.D., New York University. Now at Macalester College.

Barbara Malt, Ph.D., Stanford University. Now at Lehigh University.

John Murray, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara. Now at Georgia Southern University.

Gary Raney, Ph.D., University of Florida. Now at University of Illinois Chicago.

Tova Rappoport, Ph.D., MIT. Now at Ben-Gurion University.

Matthew Starr, Ph.D., SUNY Binghamton. Now at IBM.

Rachel Seely, Ph.D., University of South Carolina. Now at Lucent.

Roman Taraban, Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University. Now at Texas Tech University.

Tessa Warren, Ph.D., M.I.T. Now at University of Pittsburgh.

Kristin Wiengartner, Ph.D. SUNY Binghamton. Now at Hofstra University

Jennifer Wiley, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. Now at University of Illinois at Chicago.

Carrick Williams, Ph.D. Michigan State University. Now at Mississippi State University.

Former Graduate Students

Jane Ashby (2005). Reading, phonological processing. University of Central Michigan.

Ashley Benatar (2012).  Psycholinguistics.

Patrick Carroll (1983). Semantic memory and text comprehension. University of Texas.

Cheryl Cisero (1994). Phonological awareness and reading. Southern Connecticut State University.

Cynthia Connine (1986). Speech perception and psycholinguistics. SUNY Binghamton.

Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki (2007) Self-employed.

Marica De Vincenzi (1989) Psycholinguistics. G. d'Annunzio University, Italy.

Joseph DiCecco (1982). Semantic memory. IBM.

Kris Evans (2010).  Visual attention.

Fernanda Ferreira (1988). Language comprehension and production. University of South Carolina.

Martin Fischer (1997). Attention. University of Dundee.

Margaret Grant (2012).  Psycholinguistics.  Paris Diderot University.

Randall Hansen (1985). Word recognition. Bell Communications Research.

Jesse Harris (2012).  Psycholinguistics.  Pomona College.

John Henderson (1988). Visual scene comprehension. University of South Carolina.

Masako Hirotani (2005). Now at Carleton College, Ottawa, Canada.

John Huitema (1993). Speech production. University of Illinois.

Albrecht Inhoff (1982). Eye movements and reading. SUNY Binghamton.

Becca Johnson (2007). Eye movements and reading. Skidmore College.

Barbara Juhasz (2006). Eye movements and reading. Wesleyan University.

Gretchen Kambe (2001). Eye movements, visual search, and reading. UNLV.

Shelia Kennison (1995). Psycholinguistics. Oklahoma State University.

Celia Klin (1993). Text comprehension. SUNY Binghamton.

Sungryong Koh (2000). Psycholinguistics. Seoul National University.

Hye-Won Lee (2000). Word recognition, eye movement control. University of Minnesota at Minneapolis.

Mary Lesch (1993). Phonological codes in reading. Rice University.

Xingshan Li (2007). Visusal search, reading. Vanderbilt.

Susan Lima (1985). Word recognition. University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

Jill Lohmeier (1995). Statistical concepts. University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Robert Lorch (1980). Semantic memory and text memory. University of Kentucky.

Helen Majewski. UMass Linguistics.

Robert Mason (1998). Text comprehension. Carnegie-Mellon University.

Brett Miller (2003). Orthographic Uniqueness Point Research. NIH.

Robin Morris (1990). Reading. University of South Carolina.

Robert Morrison (1983). Eye movement control. IBM.

Chie Nakatani (2000). Visualization and mental imagery. Brain Science Institute, RIKEN

Edward O'Brien (1984). Comprehension and memory. University of New Hampshire.

Angela Pazzaglia (2012).  Memory. 

Erik Reichle (1997). Memory, reading. University of Pittsburgh.

Rene Schmauder (1992). Psycholinguistics. University of South Carolina.

Robert Schindler (1976). Word recognition. Rutgers University.

Sara Sereno (1993). Reading and lexical ambiguity. University of Glasgow.

Tim Slattery (2007). Reading.  Now at University of South Alabama.

Maria Slowiaczek (1981). Auditory and visual sentence processing. University of Michigan.

Adrian Staub (2008). Sentence processing. University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Michael Stroud (2010).  Visual search.  Merrimack College.

Chris Young (1988). Visual information processing. IBM.

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