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Alexandra Jesse

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Dr. Alexandra Jesse

Position(s): Assistant Professor
Division: Div 2 Cog
Building/Room: T 433
Extension: 545-2175
Email: ajesse AT psych DOT umass DOT edu

My research focuses on speech perception, with a special emphasis on audiovisual speech perception. That is, I investigate how we process speech from hearing and seeing a speaker talk (lip-reading). We use this visual information not only to understand what the speaker says but also to learn, for example, about a speaker's idiosyncratic way of speaking or to learn the meaning of novel words. Topics investigated are the consequences of aging on speech perception; individual differences; perceptual learning of speaker idiosyncrasies; the dynamics of audiovisual spoken-word recognition; learning of multisensory relationships; temporal cross-modal synchrony and binding. These issues are addressed with a variety of methods (e.g., eye tracking, EEG, motion tracking), testing young and older adults as well as infants and toddlers.
For more information please visit the Language, Intersensory Perception, and Speech (LIPS) lab.

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