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Marian MacDonald

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Dr. Marian L. MacDonald

Position(s): Full Professor
Division: Div 4 Clinical
Building/Room: T 614
Extension: 545-0396
Email: macdonal AT psych DOT umass DOT edu

My primary research area is Family Child Care, the form of out-of-home care most often chosen by working mothers of children age 0 to 3. Our current study involves determining factors associated with provider drop-out, which is a major problem in the child care industry in general. I am also interested in community psychology, which involves working with underserved populations (the homeless mentally ill, persons in the criminal justice system, people of color, sexual minorities), developing effective mental health interventions for use by community-based paraprofessionals, and addressing the problem of the underutilization of mental health services due to stigma.


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