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Maureen Perry-Jenkins

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Dr. Maureen Perry-Jenkins

Position(s): Director, The Center for Research on Families, Full Professor
Division: Div 4 Clinical
Building/Room: T 611
Extension: 545-0258
Email: mpj AT psych DOT umass DOT edu
The Work & Family Transitions Project

I am interested in the ways in which socio-cultural factors, such as race, ethnicity, gender, and social class, shape the mental health and family relationships of parents and their children. My current research examines the work and family experiences of blue-collar families. Our longitudinal study, The Work and Family Transitions Project (WFTP)�explores the effects of the transition to parenthood and the early return to paid employment on working-class parents' psychological well-being and personal relationships.

I also serve as director of the interdisciplinary Center for Research on Families 

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