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Sally Powers

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Dr. Sally Powers

Position(s): Full Professor
Division: Div 4 Clinical
Secondary Division: Div 1 NSB
Building/Room: T 618
Extension: 545-3307
Email: powers AT psych DOT umass DOT edu

As a developmental psychopathologist, my research investigates the interaction of normal developmental processes and psychopathology in adolescents. My research examines the interaction of neuroendocrine, social, and psychological factors in depression and anxiety disorders throughout the human lifespan.  My most recent studies investigate a biopsychosocial model of factors hypothesized to contribute to the gender difference in the prevalence of adolescent and young adult depression. Colleague Paula Pietromonaco and I are currently conducting a longitudinal study of close relationships and health in early marriages of opposite-sex couples through the Growth in Early Marriage (GEM) project.

I am a member of the Neuroscience and Behavior Program and am affiliated with the Developmental Science area.

I also serve as Associate Dean for Faculty and Research in the College of Natural Sciences. To contact me in that capacity, please email me at or call 413-577-6425.

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